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If I Could Be A Hero

I sat on the couch, coffee in hand, laptop at the ready to watch a movie in which, let’s face it, I wanted to escape into and pretend for two hours, I was a heroine gifted with powers to change the world for the better. I wanted to kid myself that the whole world would look at me and say “that’s the girl who changed my life.” And maybe, just maybe, I wanted to pretend that my boyfriend was as defiant as I and, together, both looking extremely hot, we made a mark on this world….


Then my boyfriend walked into the sitting-room looking as down as I have ever seen him which, is a clear sign something is seriously wrong because he never, ever gets upset. The look on his face tugged me back to reality and I thought “fix this”. At this point, I wished more than anything I could be the heroine from the movie I was about to watch: a girl who can make anything happen, fix anything and even, make her ridiculously good-looking boyfriend beam by just looking at him with her unnaturally, beautiful large eyes. But, taking over the world to make him happy didn’t seem entirely possible being armed with just a tracksuit, slippers and a hot-water bottle.

Being the typical Irish lassie, I asked “can I make you tea or a sandwich?” which I did, among busying myself tidying up around him. I even handed him his gym bag thinking that would make him leap from his misery and run to the gym … what a heroine to the rescue!

As I dilly dallied about trying to find things that would make my boyfriend feel better, I somehow ended up on this blog to try to find a shred of inspiration. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t get distracted at least once every ten minutes so, being as distracted as I was from attempting to cheer my boyfriend up, I started reading the page explaining the purpose of this blog.

Upon reading it, I noticed my top three wishes, which I wrote this time last year:

  1. Be a documentary producer
  2. Have a positive effect on others and,
  3. Have a place of my own.

I then realised in 2014 alone, I had achieved all of my three wishes and those dreams became a reality because of my boyfriend. Last year I moved out of my family home and moved in with my boyfriend; none of that would have been possible without him. Looking back on last year, I dare to believe that I have had a positive effect on others by helping people realise their dreams through this blog, something I may have abandoned had it not been for my boyfriend. And finally, I produced my first ever radio documentary as part of my Masters. This course in journalism was something I had dreamed about for a long time but it took my boyfriend’s encouragement for me to finally pursue it.

And so, though I may or may not be a heroine transforming this world for the better, I’ve realised that my boyfriend is a hero and, the hero of my story. Though you may be in the midst of reaching for a bucket, I’m reaching for reality. I have read too many books and watched too many movies in which I’ve dreamt I was the girl who meets the boy, he changes her life and they live happily ever after. Now I know I am the girl who met the boy and he changed her life; he has made all my dreams of 2014 come true. Time to turn to Chapter 2015 …

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