Day 18 – 21: Just On Time In A Land Not So Far Away

isle of man 127There once lived a restless girl in a small restless kingdom. The reason for this girl’s agitation was that she suffered from a terrible and contagious condition called Endless Opportunities. In fact, the entire kingdom was on edge because it too suffered from this complaint. And yet, this girl muddled through her life by drinking from a vial of “The Law of Attraction” every day. It settled her distress though she didn’t truly believe it was the cure. Until one day, a Job Interview rode through on a white stallion. This Job promised the restless girl that if she could win him over, she would be cured of her ailment. The girl did all in her strength to secure this Job and, she felt in her heart and soul that if this job accepted her she would live happily ever after. She abandoned her vial of “The Law of Attraction” and spent every day worrying if the Job would return her devotion. Sadly, he did not. With this news, the girl’s condition grew intensely and she grew weaker and weaker. Feeling so drained, she journeyed back to her origins, a land not so far away…

Two weeks ago, I went for an interview for a pretty amazing job. Although the job was in London, a place I find extremely overwhelming, I was really excited about the prospect of working for such a well-known company. I honestly believed that if I got the job all my worries would be over and I would finally know what direction I would be heading in life. I spent all last week worrying about getting “the call” and instead of trusting myself, I doubted myself every day. Nonetheless, when I received an e-mail on Friday to say I was unsuccessful, I was gutted. I felt like I was back at square one with no idea what career path I should take.

isle of man 108Luckily and just on time, I was due to fly to the Isle of Man with my Mom and sister on Friday evening. For me, the Isle of Man, feels like home. I was born there but moved when I was just 2 years old. Fortunately, my Aunt met the love of her life in the Isle of Man and, she never left. As far back as I can remember we have gone there, at least once a year, to visit her. It’s a home from home where magic really happens! The Isle of Man holds so many enchanted memories for me. It is a charming island where special things happen and it offers quirky little comforts to those who need it most.

On Friday I couldn’t quite figure out what comforts I needed. But little did I know that the Isle of Man had it all figured out for me. It handed me comforts and answers where I least expected them. It all began on Friday evening when I rooted out a packet of angel cards. You probably think I carry a packet of these cards everywhere I go but funnily enough, I don’t even own a packet… I’m just very good at finding things that usually shouldn’t be found. Anyway, I asked my Mom, my Aunt and my sister to take a card each. I took one myself and it read “Family”. I didn’t think anything else of it but looking back now, family was exactly what I needed.

My inner child got some much need TLC as she came out to play in the fairy-tale that is the Isle of Man:

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We recreated scenes from our childhood that made us all feel like kids again:


My family, and our greater family of Irish fans, came together to support Ireland in rugby. It was just a bonus that we won:

My sister and I laughed until our sides and hands hurt:

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We indulged in every kind of comfort:

isle of man 087

It wasn’t just my present family members that I needed but also my family who have passed. My Uncle, an extremely talented man and a true gentleman, passed away St. Patrick’s Day last year. When I think of the Isle of Man I think of him and how he used to lift me into the air so I could see the world the way he did. It’s a very different place at 6 feet, 4 inches! He taught me what it is to be kind and grateful. Remembering him reminded me of what’s truly important to me and also, how precious life is. Even though his life was shorter than others he made an impact that will forever be remembered. I only hope that I can do the same.

So what happened to the restless girl? She didn’t get the Job but what she did get was the realisation that a job in a bustling city wasn’t her thing. She realised a job focused on something that she didn’t care about wasn’t for her either. Job probably had lots of other restless girls on the side anyway! Once, the girl believed that the Job would show her her path to a happy ever after.  Now, she knows the directions to such a place are within her.

I want to make a positive impact in people’s lives; that’s the goal! My family, present and absent, remind me that I already have everything I need to achieve that goal.

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